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[Chinese shoes Network - News] Chinese sports star Liu Xiang out of the race for 08 Olympic events, sparking numerous repercussions on the Chinese Internet, postings alleged "Liu Xiang out of the race and all are in the plan", reproduced below: original title:! Liu Xiang NIKE's message from the truth see the network decided to retire after the game, Liu Xiang immediately exploded, there are various versions of suspicion. Although probably not the time, but as NIKE China marketing headquarters insider, I decided to expose some may never have a dirty little secret !!! Liu Xiang won the Olympic gold medal since, in particular, to break the world record of 12.88, commercial activity is more frequent. Our company, VISA, Amway, etc., advertisement, announcement, there will be no activitie cheap jordan shoes for men s have been broken. His coach Sun Haiping, this is actually very dissatisfied, Liu Xiang's economy has repeatedly protested, saying that talking about a very serious negative impact on Liu Xiang, by when one is not on hold. In the face of huge economic interests, Liu Xiang's economic team did not compromise people engage in sports for an old man. So we saw Liu Xiang attend one after another business activity, appeared one after another ad ...... In fact, back in early 2008, Liu Xiang, the results have been far below its multi-year crown of the time, the state also deteriorated. Many times he had only some sporadic training gap in commercial activities, can not be said that the practice of the system. He was the hope of economic man team in the last three-month period (before the Olympics) cheap foamposites at the start of closed training, with Liu Xiang's ability should be able to get back the state. At this point we actually have seen the amazing performances Cuban teenager Luo Busi, Sun Haiping, this can only shake his head, because as a coach, he was the team throughout the economy no say. At a time when Liu Xiang has no economic interest in the huge reception head, he chose to accept. In fact, this is also to be understood that many Chinese athletes so hard, the most fundamental is the temptation of the huge economic interests fame after. He also believes they have the ability to catch ??J? was already flourishing in the last few months. then never expected, due to the long neglect of training, physical function have been unable to meet demand, Liu Xiang large amount of competition, the Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping direct consequence is that we later saw Liu Xiang in the United States Grand Prix "accidental" injuries. The Sun Liu two fight is actually quite large, because it upset all the arrangements after Liu Xiang. Commercial activities when the contract has been signed there is no way to dodge, and in time he should be fully recovered from his wounds still no way to do go all out and had to continue filming ads, the announcement. Original resting time are sacrificed, let alone trained. Here we must mention the negative effects of Liu Xiang's sponsors which played. In fact, foreigners and Chinese people, eyes and time is very short-sighted. They also have had to complete the index. You know that after Liu Xiang injured continue to let the announcement will directly affect the performance of Liu Retro jordans for sale Xiang in OY, but the pressure of money to let them (of course, including our company) are still lined with Liu Xiang's schedule. In fact we have no choice, high-level look at the US headquarters is not the star of the injury, they only care about their own sales and numbers. As Chinese people, although not bear, but in order to protect jobs, we can only follow suit. Even if we do not, others will do it. It was not until the Olympic Games begin, Liu Xiang's team found him injured is good, but his status has been far less than the requirements of the Olympic medals. As a sponsor (where we NIKE as the most important, because the seat sports company, the greatest impact). We will be in big games before communication with the star athlete, athletes are expected to see in the race results, we p cheap jordans for sale mens lan to develop (the year before we Liu Xiang won the gold medal on its signing OY is benefited this policy) for subsequent renewal. But when we learned that Liu's status will definitely miss the gold medal, and this message is reported to the US headquarters, executives had a rude awakening, the same day video conference Liu Xiang's economic team. Because if Liu Xiang can not defend (even medal), his value certainly has shrunk dramatically, with Liu before we will have a huge endorsement fees may not get anything in return. Contract is a contract, we can not breach of contract, our company can only find a solution to minimize losses. The initial plan is to reduce Liu Xiang's endorsement fees, the proposal was immediately rejected Liu Xiang team, because they are holding the contract, they Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping do not want to compromise. After about a couple of weeks of stalemate, both sides refused to budge. Meanwhile there are news reports about Liu Xiang state recovery, in fact, we know that this is Liu Xiang team strategy because they have a lot of media including government contacts, Liu Xiang had a lot of revenue will fall Sports General Administration, these reports is not difficult I understand. For many years the company to enter China, which we are all too familiar. We can not ignore. break the deadlock appeared in a US headquarters boss made a terrible plan: to injury reasons to retire. The reason is: one can keep Liu Xiang's face, two as a sponsor, we would not have too much damage, because athletes are unpredictable because of injuries withdraw from the competition, it will greatly Cheap air jordans for sale reduce the failure to medal in the minds of consumers It produced no identity, even if the subsequent recovery in the medal status, we can have more publicity points. This scenario seems to be everyone's affirmation, and soon the two sides reached a consensus, and we see the beginning of the subsequent news director. Including pre-match reports, including the timing of retirements and other ...... In fact, after the game coach Sun Haiping tears from the heart. In my opinion, he is really cherish, it is really a pity such a genius in the fall before the power of money. But he really powerless. Liu Xiang, just another money power before the fall of N many stars in one only ...... I hope he'll be the last one. (Chinese shoes Network - the most professional and authoritative Footwear New cheap jordans online s)earlier this month, Drake through the personal social networking account to you Sneakerhead early exposure of OVO and Air Jordan's latest joint single product - OVO x Air Jordan VIII Calipari Pack". At present, Drake gave him a majority of fans won the double ball shoes suit is not yet available in advance of the opportunity, in his own Instagran upload a photo of himself in a rich sense of joy photo Travis Scott concert was captured, and called on the users of this diagram with the text, if you have Drake can be selected as the best piece, then the user will be able to get Calipari set in advance. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- extended reading -- -- -- -- -- -- , every day at six, on the way home from school, the 1626 WeChat public number makes you home! it's one of the most attracti Retro jordans for sale ve Hairstyles for girls! can do so much for the team to take part in the marathon? 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The new color is still retro in the end, the grey suede with mesh material composed of shoe body, with white markings and sideways rubber outsole, very durable. classic reproduction / A, Bathing, Ape, 1ST, CAMO, BAPE, STA, MID, camouflage, injection / Black, Scale, X, Timerland, 6", boots comments on last article: Classic reproduction / A Bathing Ape 1ST CAMO BAPE STA MID next article: camouflage injection / Black Scale X Timerland 6" boots Nike Shox TL3 are covered with black patent leather while a remarkable elephant print was featured to acrossed the base of the shoe,the nylon mesh with red accent was applied into its inner lining.This kind of unique design that not only offer strong durability and breathability to shoe but also added vivid feeling to shoe.The sole midsole applied the advanced full-length Air-Sole technolog with white accent that not only comfort and provide great brayseism to shoe but also offer a kind of strong contraditionary effection to people. The carbon fiber plate was equiped in the sole of the Nike Air Max which stretch to the forefoot portion that one hand to provide strong stability to shoe,on the other hand have great improved the excellent performance of the shoe.The black transparent rubber outsole which with herringbone pattern was another steal point of the shoe that offer great traction to wearer in whatever circumstance. This outstanding original jordans 10 retro are not doubt a great combination of excellent performance to stylish colorway that make them become one of the most popular version among people.And welcome for more Original Nike Air Max here. Shox TL3 Are Made Of Top Quality Materials" /〉 I like this blog,and it's originally fromGeiger John in celebration of his birthday is wearing a Yeezy Boost 350 Low Adidas, however, after a careful look at, they will find a slightly different shoe models. Yes, shoes in the original basic on the basic was a little transformation, the original meter white shoes to forest green, the big end is still unchanged, compared to what kind of color it? get reloaded, the app store search "get" to download the latest version, more information about shoes, more beauty pretty shoes, Nike grab shoes, true and false identification of shoes, cool T-shirt gold and get everything; detailed inquiry micro letter "dunkhome", "getdunkhome", micro Bo "when the guest," "getapp" and get our sports life! source: Geiger John

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